Wi-Fi 6 Is Here



    With multiple RF standards coexisting with Wi-Fi networks, Qorvo’s BAW (bulk acoustic wave) filter technology helps designers meet system-level specifications in Wi-Fi 6 and 6E while mitigating cross-over interferences. Learn how Qorvo’s Wi-Fi filters solve three challenges in Wi-Fi systems to improve capacity, range and throughput performance while eliminating unexpected degradation.

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    Cees Links (pronounced "Case"), general manager of Qorvo's Wireless Connectivity Business, is an industry visionary. From helping to establish the Wi-Fi Alliance and IEEE 802.11 standardization committee, to bringing the first consumer Wi-Fi products to market with popular computer makers, his work established broad acceptance of the technology used by billions today.

    He founded and served as CEO of GreenPeak Technologies, which Qorvo acquired in 2016 for its leadership in IoT. He continues to inspire the Wi-Fi industry today earning accolades such as the Golden Mousetrap Lifetime Achievement Award from Design News and induction into the Wi-Fi NOW Hall of Fame. A prolific writer and author; his most recent edition of The Spirit of Wi-Fi is now available for download.

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    Cees Links
    • Applications
      Customer Premises Equipment

      Our Wi-Fi products enable high-performance RF solutions for customer premises equipment.

    • Applications
      Internet of Things

      Qorvo's innovative portfolio enables the smart home, smart energy and other IoT applications.

    • Applications
      Distributed Wi-Fi

      We enable one "pod in every room" for extended Wi-Fi capacity and IoT technologies in the farthest reaches of the home.

    • Applications
      Mobile Wi-Fi

      Our mobile Wi-Fi portfolio solutions address the rapid expansion of consumer and enterprise Wi-Fi.

    • 5G The Future of RF
      Qorvo is the standard setter – participating in standards bodies and partnering with wireless carriers – to define 5G RF for the future.
    • Biotechnologies
      Qorvo has developed a breakthrough medical testing platform that aims to change the way health care is provided. The Point-of-Care testing platform offers lab quality performance for mobile testing, using BAW RF sensor technology.
    • Customer Stories
      Qorvo products enable innovative, real-world applications. See how our work led to important connections.
    • Technology
      Learn how Qorvo has pioneered and honed many industry-leading processes and technologies for three decades.
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