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I’m a Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in the Philippines. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts from the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, which I received last July 2013. Since graduating, I’ve worked primarily from home as a full-time freelance designer online for a variety of clients from different industries.

I am very versatile when it comes to style so I am capable of creating work with a “cartoony” art style as well as a clean, professional and corporate look. I highly enjoy creating custom vector illustrations as well as analyzing data and turning them into graphics. You can view my full resume here.


Aside from the digital medium, I am highly passionate about traditional art. I enjoy sketching during my free time as well as watercolor painting. I take inspiration from random images of people, things, and sceneries that I stumble upon on the internet. Movies also give me bursts of inspiration and I love to draw the scenes and characters that pique my interest.

My favorite subject to draw is people. I am fascinated by the complexity of human life and find the daily struggles of every person to be quite interesting. Being able to perfectly capture their personality and emotions is extremely rewarding.


When working, I usually enjoy a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate while listening to random playlists on Spotify.

I enjoy reading romance novels and I’m a sucker for cliché Filipino romantic comedies. I also love watching documentaries and find them very inspiring (especially the ones about art, design, and “hard work.”)

I’m highly addicted to art supplies and if by any chance I’d lose my sanity, that’s where I‘d spend all my money on.

I love video games especially simulation games like The Sims and Cities Skylines. I also love open world crime games like GTA, Sleeping Dogs, and the Mafia Series.

I’m a dog a lover. I always ask permission to pet a stranger’s dog when in public, and I have my own little black dachshund named, Pepper, who follows me around and keeps me company all day.

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